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Well-being & Peace of Mind through Yoga

Yoga is taught and perceived differently by each individual, JOA YOGA intends through a specific music and rhythm flow to trigger an awareness of minds and breathing while drawing postures that awaken the body. All together allow for a person’s well-being and personal development.

Joa Yoga at Geneva, Switzerland
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If you want to make positive changes in your life, it can start with having a strong connection to your Manipura Chakra, located above the navel, in the area of the stomach.

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The Joa Yoga Retreat

Imagine your Shala in the mountains for a weekend, where the only thing on your calendar is caring for your body, mind, & spirit. Your biggest to-do: take care of u.

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Prenatal yoga with Joa was a truly gratifying experience. She helped me get mentally and physically prepared for childbirth. The birth went super smooth and I think it is in great part because she helped me prepare my body for it. Peaceful, compassionate and mindful yoga with her, would recommend to any pregnant woman out there!

Joanna has a passionate and dedicated approach to yoga and that is what got me started in the first place. She walks you through the whole practice and she caters the class depending on the individual goals and objectives. Joanna’s sessions are a mix of energy, strength, flow and deep breathing which make it the best workout combination of the week. It is a truly amazing yoga experience! Thank you Joanna
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