Manipura Workshop
Saturday, November 26th 2022


 Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a “well-being curious”, this workshop can make you dive deeper into your self-care practice, create healthy habits, and connect with a group that brings out the best in you.

Your ability to take control of your life is a never ending journey and it can start whenever you decide. If you want to make positive changes in your life, it can start with having a strong connection to your Manipura Chakra, located above the navel, in the area of the stomach.

One of the best ways to balance Manipura chakra is through a series of flowing movements focused on this chakra, accompanied with breathing techniques used to link the movements and create a meditative “flow” state.

Haydee Barron

Rue Maunoir 29, Genève

Participants & Prices

Max 12 participants / CHF 60.- per participant

Type of yoga



2 hours
from 11h45-13h45


The Workshop is suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced yogis.


Breathing exercices, sound healing, meditation, mantras, yoga flow and yoga nidra

When our fire is strong, we dare to live our dreams and be out there in the world doing what we believe in, living in alignment with who we are.

Connect with yourself

Body and mind balance

Sound and
Energy Healing

A sound immersion opens a state of awakening, of consciousness, the connection to oneself, to our deep essence. The vibrations of instruments such as the Handpan, the kalimba, the shamanic drum, the crystal singing bowls, the Tibetan bowl and others resonate with frequency to find balance and harmony. It is a cure for the body and the mind. Enjoy your inner journey.
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